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What is Galician Sustainable Destination?

A club that acts as a hub integrating all sustainable tourist attractions in Galicia, connecting tourists to companies and facilitating the search process for travellers interested in getting to know the destination, guaranteeing the protection of the environment and its cultural and natural heritage, while boosting the local economy.

All the tourist attractions integrated in Galician Sustainable Destination complies with the quality and sustainability criteria and requirements demanded of the member companies. Therefore, Galician Sustainable Destination acts as a guarantee of quality and sustainability.

What requirements must be met by the integrated tourist attractions in Galician Sustainable Destination?

The company or activity must be located in Galicia and the operator of the offer must be willing to make responsible commitment to quality and sustainability, contributing to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals set by Europe in its Agenda 2030. These requirements are related to the efficient management of energy and natural resources, the use of renewable energy sources, the reduction of the carbon footprint, respect for the environment and the biodiversity of the region, hiring of local staff, responsible consumption and the purchase of local products, contribution to the circular economy, protection of the culture and historical heritage of the region, etc.

Who validates the Club membership process?

The Galician Sustainable Destination Product Club has two levels of organisation, one managerial and the other operational. The operational level, formed by the Galician Tourism Cluster, is responsible for checking and validating the information provided by the company applying for membership.

The Galician Tourism Cluster may, during the membership process or afterwards, audit the applying or member companies to verify that they are actually complying with the requirements.

Will member operators have to give up tourist products that are not sustainable?

Joining Galician Sustainable Destination implies a commitment to a different tourism model based on sustainability. However, membership of the Club does not mean that entrepreneurs should renounce tourist products that are already in operation, especially if they are highly consolidated and profitable from a socio-economic point of view.

Nor does membership of the Club imply exclusivity. In other words, each entrepreneur will be able to develop their own strategies to participate in other product clubs or sell their products by other means.

How much does it cost to join Galician Sustainable Destination?

Currently, membership of Galician Sustainable Destination is free of charge. . Membership of the Club not only does not entail a cost for the entrepreneur, but also facilitates access to public funding for the creation of sustainable tourist products in Galicia, as well as technical support and training.

However, upon joining the Club, members of Galician Sustainable Destination undertake to participate in the financing of the Club by means of the fees or procedures that may be established. This means that if in the future membership of Galician Sustainable Destination involves the payment of an annual or monthly fee, the member companies that wish to keep their Club membership would have to pay it.

How can I add a tourist attraction to the Club?

Once membership of the Club has been approved, the operator will receive an email with the access codes to the website’s private area, through which they will be able to add sustainable tourist products to the corresponding section. The operator will also receive a guide for the configuration of sustainable tourist products, which will specify product features as well as a template to standardise the transfer of information and facilitate content uploads.

How does membership renewal work?

The commitment to belong to the Galician Sustainable Destination Product Club is for one year from the date of joining. All companies wishing to renew their commitment to the Club must follow the renewal process annually.

How can I unsubscribe?

Companies that do not complete the annual renewal process in time will be automatically removed from the Club. In addition, members may actively request not to have their Club membership renewed.

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